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Hypershipsual nocturnal gutter-mind. I live off Coke and Internet.


AoH Pokemon Go Meme- Choose Your Team! by vampkimi
AoH Pokemon Go Meme- Choose Your Team!
Pokemon Go is sweeping the globe, so why not include it in our AoH one?
Draw your OC wearing Team Valor, Mystic, or Instinct gear and outfits.
Let's see how many of each team we have in the group!
Add on other background items such as what your characters Pokemon of choice would be. Maybe they'd choose a grass type? Or maybe a water type pokemon, it's up to you!
Team Logo PNG files are placed in stash for you to download and place on another layer if you desire.
Tagged by :iconthunderspade: for Gregory


1) Post these rules.
2) Post 8 facts about your character.
3) Tag 8 other characters.
4) Post their names along with their creators' avatars.


Gregory Schteiven
Gregory by vampkimi
1) has four children from a previous marriage
2) is 52 years old
3) Enjoys reading, reviewing, studying Law texts in his library while also enjoying his favorite snack, Ginger snap cookies with tea
4) is a lawyer for the High Court of Neovenicia
5) Damara (Helena's mother) is his second marriage. He enjoys the cozy warmth she brings with her personality and way of decorating the home. He pretends to grumble about each new decoration, but always appreciates it.
6) Moved to trade-country Neovenicia after divorcing his first wife
7) Wears color sparingly
8) Roasts in the sun rather than tans like native Neovenicians. Once in a blue moon he can be persuaded to go to the beach, but insists on wearing something at least 'half-decent'…

Errybody already been tagged for this :iconmingplz:
Tagged by NaitomeIya mentioned by Oseike too


1) Post these rules.
2) Post 8 facts about your character.
3) Tag 8 other characters.
4) Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Alrighttttttttttt let's see. I was tagged for Helena so...

1) Full name is Helena Nerissa Miyazaki (nee Rosemary). Nerissa meaning Sea Nymph, and Rosemary being Latin for Dew of the sea.
2) She has a biological mother and father, as well as a step-father, step-brother, and an unknown amount of half-siblings
3) She is part Nereid on her father's side, with only some aquatic traits remaining after many generations of watered down (pun intended) ancestry. Somewhere along the line a Nereid decided to jump ship and hop on land, losing the ability to go back to their previous aquatic form.
4) Helena can play several stringed instruments like the harp, guitar, and lute. She also enjoys singing alone and with/for others.
5) Dislikes reading and libraries, prefers to be outside in the sun and being in water.
6) Can very easily get sick and die from Dehydration at a much faster rate than a normal human. After about a day and a half without any water, the negative effects will begin. Water is both a skill and a weakness. Without it she is nothing.
7)Fights best with Water Eden, followed by long trident/staff type weapons, and then hand-to-hand combat. She's fast so can dodge well, but doesn't have enough bulk to really pack a punch like she could with Water Eden
8)Originally I wanted to give her aqua blue eyes, but decided against it and went with golden toned ones.

:icons-hui: for Yuena
:iconkumorininja08: for Shuto
:iconchocominty: for Viveka
:icondjroguefire:for Sergio
:iconthunderspade: for Penny
:iconoseike: forrrrrr LEQUIRK WHY NOT
:iconophelion: forrr Tephora? 8D
:iconmoomoko: for Flora!
ToS Araceli by vampkimi
ToS Araceli
Tree of Savior character
Go check out the gameeeeeeee, its fun!

Araceli, House of Aethiria
        Araceli- "altar of the sky" from Latin ara "altar" and coeli "sky"
        Aethiria- variation of the word Aether, a medium thought to make up the heavenly bodies and to be the pure essence that the gods breathed. (DO YOU SEE A THEME YET)
Traits:Tsundere and a bit snobby. 
Info: Looks up to her elder, Laki. Secretly enjoys all the comfort food Tephora makes for the guild despite her protest of it.
Hobby: Sewing, embroidering, weaving
Likes: Gold and Ivory colored clothes, jewelry, fabrics/sheets/tapestries, decor, etc
aka "Firecracker Shrimp"

3 hrs completion drawing

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